Caring for Your Jewelry

While we design every piece to last a lifetime, there are some key tips to ensuring an enduring shine and avoiding damage:

  • Avoid exposing it to lotions and creams. Anything that can seep between the stones and the metal can coat these surfaces and lead to a dull look.
    • Quick Fix: If your piece is looking a little grey or dull, use warm, soapy water and a brush with fine bristles like a toothbrush) to clean it. You can submerge your piece in hot water to begin with but we only recommend this for all metal or diamond pieces as gemstones are more sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Don't wear your ring while active (like exercising, sports, gardening, etc...). This applies to any piece of jewelry but engagement rings especially because of how far they raise off the finger, which exposes the most important part to the most damage. 
    • Quick Fix: Consider your day to day activities and how you anticipate wearing your jewelry when deciding and designing pieces. Lower and more comprehensive settings, like a Bezel, may provide the right amount of protection to enable you to wear your piece day in and day out regardless of how active you are.